Cavi Extracts

The Gold is Real

Thank you for taking the time to review what Caviar Gold Extracts has to offer your patients, budtenders and dispensary as a whole. Caviar Gold is the Strongest THC Flower in the World so it only makes sense that we would aim really HIGH when it comes to creating our line of Caviar Gold Extracts products.

Caviar Gold Extracts are produced through a BHO extraction system, built to our standards to create some of our proprietary extraction products and blends.


All Extracts are made in compliance with CGMP standards. Our in-house extraction team has over 40 years of extraction experience providing Caviar Gold Extracts with a superior quality product every time.


Caviar Gold Extracts line consist of our proprietary

products such as our "Gold-Caviar", "THE JUICE" Sugar Wax as well as future products coming such as  "Cavi-Syringe" &"Cavi-Live Resin"